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Fearles Clanmember
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registered: 19.04.2012
09.09.2018, 23:10 offline quote 

I have to ask you about spqr. It's considered an official clan on actionfps, and you are playing with them. However, as far as I know, MyS policy does not allow being in two clans at the same time. I think you will have to choose.

overall you are a solid player, good luck!

entropy Clanmember
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registered: 11.08.2011
09.09.2018, 21:49 offline quote 

Good luck!
Friteq Clanmember
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registered: 18.01.2015
09.09.2018, 20:18 offline quote 

You were in =SA=?Don't remember yo

Gurung Clanmember
Young Blood
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registered: 07.04.2012
09.09.2018, 16:22 offline quote 

Was gonna register but found I had an old ass account from like 6 years back to when i first applied lmao

What is your in game name and how old are you?: Gurung, Kumar, rndmz, 19

Which game would you like to represent =MyS= in?: AC

What's your country and timezone?: England GMT

Favorite weapon, mode and map?: SMG and the 4 maps that are constantly played

How long have you played your game of choice for?: 9 ish years, sad i know

Your AC/Sauer and clan-history (please put all old full nicknames with clantags and reasons why you have left here, if applicable)?: =SA=, FmC, - died, Pi - Halo went on his period

Screenshots of one or more good games you've played (if you wish): I'll post later

When do you play?: Every other day ish, evening times

Are you blacklisted? if so, why?: no

Have you ever used cheats in multiplayer games?: no

Do you have a microphone?: yes

Any way to contact you (Discord, Steam etc) Pi discord and ZZ teamspeak

Tell us about yourself, for example why do you want to join =MyS=?: I have been unfortunate enough to have been playing this game for this long. Plus I saw robtics wearing the tag and got a boner

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