The first Polish player to grace our Sauerbraten Squad, we welcome Poland Friteq with open arms. An old acquaintance to the team, we have faced him in numerous arenas across multiple games against various teams and their iterations. Hailing previously from w00p| & |RB| we are happy to finally have him butchering the opposition alongside us.

One more time, welcome, Friteq.
The Makes you Sick family has had many faces come and go over the nearly last decade, when they leave it can be sad, when they join us it can be wonderful, but how does that saying go, if you love something let it go, and if it comes back to you it is yours forever?

Well that's exactly what happened yesterday when one of the original co-leaders of =MyS= Sauerbraten and now formerly |DM|, .cS| & .rC| rejoined us in the form of Germany ne0n ! We wish him our many thanks and look forward to playing alongside him once more in the world of Cube2.

Joining Germany ne0n & hailing from .rC|, we'd like welcome Germany Jawer to the team, his flag running abilities & ability to maneuver through space is unparalled and I'm sure most of you have seen the records he seems to set on servers everywhere.

Alongside Germany Jawer we also welcome USA blush - one of the most fearsome rifle players to grace our screens in recent times, we are sure he will dovetail well with Italy FluiD & Germany fatmonkeygenius for any future iCTF tournaments - the latter of which then is our 4th addition to the team (...although I should have announced it earlier).

Finally then, we have Germany fatmonkeygenius - hailing from Germany, he is know for his brutal insta play, having only narrowly lost to Gangler in the instagib 1v1 Cup in recent months (and even he says he was playing nowhere near his best) - we look forward to his contributions & philosophical musings in the future and offer him the warmest of welcomes to our new sickmaker.
Firstly, we would like to welcome USA MK aka MorganKell, the legendary leader of the KellHounds AssaultCube team - his achievements there are general skulduggery and infamy and his expedient personality will do wonders for team morale, of that I am sure. Catch him slapping kids on public servers and putting posers in their place, he's our shimmy king and we're happy to see him here.

Secondly, I would like to welcome the Italian Ubermensch of rifle play himself, Italy FluiD to our ranks. Whilst his aim is cold and ruthless his persona is one of calm and kindness and we know he will do great things for us... and also beat you repeatedly in the duel arena. Fear him.

Finally, applications are open to anyone who thinks they can cut the grade. Although we will put you through your paces if you haven't already put us through them.
New year! New me! ...or new MyS? Who knows.
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In other news, I would like to wish the team a belated happy birthday... for last October.

We turned 8 years old!

Here's to another 10.

Welcome back new and old faces!
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Congratulations to both Mise and Patroclus's swift acceptance into our team!

Having already been Mise's parent team in the past we're glad to have him back and likewise Patro's ties and addition to our current Russian regiment is greatly welcomed also.

Good luck & have fun!
New TeamSpeak3 domain!
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We're now set up @ - no port/pass, happy hunting!